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Commercial Burglar and Fire Alarms in Oxford, Mississippi

Your business's security is important. Whether you have a small office or a large store - you want to make sure your products, equipment and documents are protected. Oxford Alarm and Communications can provide your business with a comprehensive security solution. Some of our services are listed below. All of these services can be fully integrated to ensure maximum protection.

Burglary Protection

Oxford Alarm and Communications can design and install a system that will keep your business protected 24 hours a day, every day. We can provide the monitoring devices required to secure your business not only from outside theft, but also from any inside theft.

Some of the many services our systems offer are:

Opening/Closing Reports

This allows you to know exactly who set and who turned off your security system and at the time at which they did it. These reports also allow you to designate certain times of the day when the system can be activated or deactivated, for example from 9am to 5pm.

Partitioning Capabilities

This allows you to have a "system within a system." For instance, perhaps there is one room where you keep a vault or other valuable goods and you want this room to be guarded separately from the overall office or store - partitioning allows you to do this without worrying about another security system. Partitioned systems are part of your larger system, ensuring perfect compatibility and unsurpassed protection.

Remote Operation

Allows you to turn your system on or off even if you aren't physically there.

Fire Protection

One terrible fire can put you out of business and cause undue personal distress. Investing in a fire protection system installed by Oxford Alarm and Communications will help you avoid this disaster. Your Fire Alarm system can monitor your smoke detectors and manual pull stations can be used to activate your system. Since most fire protection systems are integrated with a sprinkler system, the central monitoring station can also monitor when a sprinkler is activated. This will help your business or home avoid unnecessary and costly water damage repair.

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